Rugs vs. Carpets: How can you clean them?

There are lots of those who think cleaning rugs is equivalent to cleaning carpets. A fast pass with the vacuum and you’re all set!…or perhaps not. Regrettably, this false belief about rug cleaning can in fact result in damage. Rugs are very not the same as carpets, and need unique cleaning. Here’s why:


The largest (and most apparent) distinction between area rugs and carpet is they are manufactured in a different way. Rugs are created to be mobile, while carpets are made to stay there. There are various forms of area rugs, each with their own construction process. Not really all rugs may be treatable the very same. Each need their own, unique care.


Fringe is the decorative border of a rug which contains loose, hanging tassels. Fringe doesn’t exist on carpets, but is very common on rugs. This fringe is fragile, and could be ruined by a vacuum. Rugs with fringe need special therapy to be able to preserve the fringe.


Rugs will also be created using a more thick pile. Which means that the individual fibers are closer together than you are on a regular carpet. Consequently, dirt and soil has a tendency to get trapped close to the base of the rug in which a vacuum cleaner can’t always reach. Many people beat their rugs outside to produce the caught dirt. An even less difficult method could be calling a specialist rug cleaner.


Most carpets really are a individual color. Whether it happens that color bleeds, it always isn’t a issue. On the other hand, in area rugs with intricate patterns color bleeding can completely ruin a rug by muddying the design. For this reason it’s completely vital to use the correct solutions and techniques to clean a place rug to avoid bleeding and fading from happening. Often, a regular carpet cleaning solution just won’t cut it.


An additional dye issue to understand is antiquing, a procedure that’s made by a manufacturer or importer to make a rug look older and more costly. Antiquing is typical in certain kinds of area rugs, but less so in carpets. It is almost always a layer of very aggressive acidic wash or a post-treatment of tea dying, which could wash away during the cleaning process. In the event it does happen, an expert can reapply the layer after cleaning.


Like we stated previously, there are various kinds of rugs available. Each requires unique care. Simply because rugs are a costly investment, it’s vital that you don’t trust just anybody to wash your useful rugs. Be sure to hire someone who is educated and has the backdrop, understanding, and experience essential to provide your rugs with good care.

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